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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the FertilityCare Program?

The program costs on average S$1000-S$2500 over the course of one year. This covers the charting materials to get started, followup session, medical consultations and treatments.

How long do couples have to stay on the Program?

Couples should be prepared to stay on the Program for at least one year as it takes time to diagnose the underlying condition, treat it and for couples to try naturally.

Is the FertilityCare and NaproTechnology Program government subsidized?

No, at this moment, our Program is not government subsidized.

Is the FertilityCare and NaproTechnology Program Medisave claimable?

No, at this momemt, our Program is not Medisave claimable.

What the operating hours for the FertilityCare Programme? 

Couples can meet our FertilityCare practitioners on Weekday daytime, Weekday evenings, Sat Mornings or Afternons. All sessions are by appointment only.


Low sperm count? Poor sperm quality?

With regards to NaproTechnology, we have some treatments that can help improve the quality of the husband sperm, please enquire with us to explore how FertilityCare can help you.

Here are some links to address the questions on sperm quality:

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