C & S Conception Story


Happy expecting pregnant asian couple

We got married in April 2005, and started trying to make a family in November 2005.

Unfortunately, we were unable to conceive for many months. We visited various doctors, and were advised that IVF may be the only option. However, for personal and religious reasons, we were not keen on IVF.

Our Fertility Journey began in London

By November 2007, we were almost resigned to the possibility that we may never be able to conceive, and we were considering adoption as an alternative. That month we went on a trip to London. In London, my husband met up with an old friend, Fr. P. He shared with Fr. P about our struggle to conceive. By coincidence, Fr. P knew a lady who works as a NaPro Practitioner in London. He urged us to get in touch with her. We spent several days thinking about it, and then tried calling the NaPro Practitioner but we could only reach her answering machine. As we did not feel comfortable with leaving her a message, we decided not to follow up. However, my husband spoke to Fr. Pat again just before we left London. Fr. Pat was very insistent and arranged for us to have an appointment with the NaPro Practitioner on our last day in London.

So we met with the NaPro Practitioner and had an initial NaPro session. At the end of the session, she informed me that based on what I had told her, she was very sure that I had a progesterone deficiency, and that NaPro techniques (e.g. injections) would help. I was rather skeptical as my gynaecologist had already prescribed progesterone pills that I had taken for several cycles, with no results. However, the NaPro Practitioner seemed very confident, and also said that the absorption rate for progesterone injections was much better than the pills. She gave me contact details for her ex-client who had returned to Singapore. She said that her ex-client would be able to put me in touch with the NaPro Practitioner in Singapore.

And continued to Singapore

When I returned to Singapore, I called the ex-client, and she gave me the contact details for Dr Hui. Following on from that, I met up with Andy and we had several sessions where he taught me how to chart.

In early 2008, I showed my chart to Dr Hui. He also suspected a progesterone deficiency and sent me for a series of timed blood tests. The results confirmed a drastic drop in the progesterone levels towards the end of my cycle. I went for a laparascopy to clear up my endometriosis (this had been previously diagnosed by a gynaecologist), and started on a series of HcG injections.

With the assistance of NaproTechonolgy treatments, pregnancy was achieved

By the third cycle of HcG injections, God blessed us with a pregnancy. Dr Hui then prescribed progesterone injections to help sustain the pregnancy.

It was a series of remarkable coincidences brought about by God that led us to the NaPro Practitioner in London, and then to Andy and Dr Hui in Singapore. And now by the grace of God, after 2.5 years of trying to conceive, we have a beautiful baby girl.

C & S – Names changed for confidential reasons, photo for illustration purpose only

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