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New therapies for infertility have been found by American doctors

Written by Lin Huili /
Translated by FertilityCare Singapore

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American institute founder and gynecologist created natural procreative technology (NaproTechnology) and FertilityCare System which enable infertile couples to conceive naturally.

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaproTechnology (natural procreative technology) were researched and developed by Dr Thomas Hilgers, an American gynecologist and founder of the Pope Paul VI Research Institute. They’re introduced to our country in 2007.

Mr Wei Youming, a practitioner who’s been trained for the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, indicated that the therapy not only helps to optimize the chances for natural conception and through medical treatment reduce or avoid miscarriages, it also can be used for family planning and to surface gynecological problems early.

Confirm optimal fertile periods on the basis of cervical mucus quality

To accept the therapy, the couple needs to follow instructions and regular lectures given by the practitioner. In addition, the female should observe the quality, color, stretchability and variation of cervical mucus, menstrual cycle and blood volume, and record them with colored stickers. Mr Wei explains.

The theory, he added, is that before and after ovulation, the increased secretion of estrogen in the body causes the cervical crypts to produce clear, stretchy and lubricative type of mucus, which makes the cervix unobstructed for sperms to get through. Observations are recorded in a standardized manner and can be used to target the optimal fertile period, to either achieve conception or postpone conception.

Recognize abnormal conditions and avoid recurrent miscarriages

According to Mr Wei, after 8 weeks of observation under the Creighton Model FertilityCare system, if it is necessary, patients can consulted a doctor who’s been trained for NaproTechnology, and have the access to related examinations and medications to promote natural conception and if required treat any other gynecological diseases.

FertilityCare and NaProTechnology, he explained, provides a basis for family planning (including achieving conception or postponing conception) according to physiological change, menstrual cycle biomarker (cervical mucus), blood hormone measurement, ultrasonography, etc. Furthermore, it enhances fertility in natural ways and improves or even treats or prevents varies of gynecological diseases, such as infertility, recurrent miscarriages, premature delivery, ovarian cyst, premenstrual syndrome, postpartum depression, irregular menstruation, climacteric symptoms, abnormal vaginal bleeding, etc.

With the NaproTechnology knowledge, by looking at menstrual cycle patterns in the charts, the doctor can recognize and deal with the abnormal conditions before a miscarriagehappens. Other gynecological related diseases can be identified in a similar way using the charts.

Practitioner Wei Youming and his wife gave birth to 3 children through the therapy

After therapy, practitioner’s wife conceived in 6 months and gave birth to 3 children in 6 years

These two therapies, according to Mr Wei, have been widely introduced to many countries and regions including America, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, etc. He also revealed that about 100 local couples have accepted the therapy of Creighton model fertility care system, 5-10% of them can get pregnant without any medications; and among those couples who have had at least one year of NaProTechnology treatment with the use of the charts, 50-60% have got pregnant and had a normal delivery.

Mr Wei told us that he is a beneficiary of NaproTechnology himself. His wife had two miscarriages before they had kids, then they found out the reasons through the NaproTechnology investigation and had therapeutic measures accordingly. Six months after the treatment, they finally conceived their first baby and then smoothly gave birth to the other 2 children in 6 years.

The course of the therapies usually lasts 6-18 months and on average cost S$1,000-S$2,000. Patients with serious conditions may spend about S$5,000-$10,000 if there are any surgeries involved.

An alternative option for couples failed in artificial insemination

Mr Wei suggested infertile couples might consider taking up the NaproTechnology therapy, including those who might failed in artificial insemination methods such as IVF. But he also said, NaproTechnology is unable to help female patients who reached menopause or have fallopian tube obstruction on both sides and male patients who have no sperms cells. Lastly, all patients would cases will be reviewed so that they can be aware of their pregnancy rate and decide whether to proceed or not.

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