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After finding “natural medical care for pregnancy”, manager had two sons

Xiufang Guo reports

Female manager had several miscarriages within two years, and had almost given up on any hope to start a family. But with assistance of a natural method of care for pregnant women in an Ang Mo Kio clinic, the couple adopted natural procreative technology and went on to have two sons.

Finance specialist, Mr. Liu (36 years old) and his wife of the same age (manager) married seven years ago. Five years ago, they decided to have kids, but each time when the wife got pregnant, she would miscarry before the third month of her pregnancy. This was devastating for the couple.

Miss Liu said:

At that time I went to three obstetricians and had undergone chromosome test. The first time results were abnormal, but next two times, I did not know what was the reason. I have also tried Chinese medicine, but all in vain.

Just when they were about to give up, husband’s workmate introduced him to NaproTechnology (Natural Procreative Technology) to get pregnant and convinced them to try.

So the Lius went to Ang Mo Kio for the “Natural medical care of pregnancy” programme with Dr John Hui. Dr John Hui (Dr Xu Jian Ping) (47 years old) had opened a practice in Ang Mo Kio and had promoted NaproTechnology (Natural Procreative Technology) in order to help couples who could not have kids to solve their problem.

This technology was invented by an American obstetrician. Seven years ago, Dr Xu realized there were more and more couples who wanted to get pregnant in a natural way, so he went to USA to learn this technology. He and his partner, Mr Andy Wee (Mr Wei You Ming)(37 years old) had started to locally promote this technique six years ago.

Mrs Liu underwent natural procreation technology programme and realized that she suffers from Luteal Phase Defect – due to the insufficient amount of corpus luteum hormones, the fetus could not stabilize.

After diagnosing the problem, Mrs Liu was been treated for a year before finally getting pregnant. This time, she was regularly going to the clinic for the dosage of progesterone supplements, and in July 2010 her son was born. He is two years old now. The second was born in November last year, and is now ten months old.

Mrs Liu said:

Of course I am happy to have these two kids. This method is certainly scientifically founded. One must be very patient, and cannot push things. We have also waited a year before trying again.

60 couples have received treatment, and 14 kids have been born

There are already 60 couples that have received this treatment, and to date 14 kids were born, and there are three more under way.

Dr Xu said:

A lot of women believe that in their menstrual cycle of 28 days, they will ovulate on 14th day. But in only 13.5% women is this the case. In other women menstrual cycle is not so regular, they will not ovulate on that day. Through the records of mucus research, we can find certain models to calculate the ideal time for pregnancy.

Dr Xu also said that if husband or wife have problems, they can take medication, such as hormones, or if the problem is more serious, e.g. wife has a nagioma in her uterus, then first she needs to be treated by obstetrician and get it cut off and then she can continue the treatment.

Some of the couples are able to get pregnant after only six months, but ordinarily treatment continues for 12 or 18 months just to increase success rate. Couples who have persisted until 12 months see success rate of 60%.

Treatment expenses are from S$2500 to S$3500 over the cost of 1 year, and it depends on the complexity and time. Relatively speaking, undergoing complete IVF cycle, can cost from S$5000 to S$11000.

What is Natural Procreative Technology?

As Dr Xu explained:

Women who cannot get pregnant undergo daily observation and record of the state of vaginal mucus. Dr uses this as a base for analysis of the best time for getting pregnant and also tries to detect if a woman has reproductive issues. Mr Wei teacher couples how to accurately track the quality of vaginal mucus, such as color, etc.

After two rounds of physiological tracking, Dr Xu is able to analyze biological markers. That is record of mucus. Any couple can undergo this treatment, but the younger the success rate is higher. Following patients are not suitable for this treatment: oviduct’s obstruction, ovary degradation, no response to the treatment, woman’s sterile husband.

After Treatment Gave Birth to Two Boys

Dr Xu and Mr Youming Wei have their own families. They have four and two kids respectively.

Dr Xu has three daughters and one son, from 11 to 21 years old. Youming Wei has 2 kids of three and five years of age.

Dr Xu revealed that his partner went to Australia and took a course on natural procreation technology, under which assistance he helped his wife to get pregnant.

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