‘NaProTechnology’ refers to ‘Natural Procreative Technology’. It is an emerging medical science that, as its name suggests, works co-operatively with the body’s natural procreative cycles. It does not suppress the body’s reproductive system, but enhances its function.

This newly emerging women’s health science has been developed through the research efforts of the Pope Paul VI Institute, Omaha, Nebraska, USA, under the direction of Dr TW Hilgers MD. It involves the orderly and systematic evaluation of the events that occur during the course of the menstrual and ovulation cycles, and it has been built upon the standardized gynaecologic charting record of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System.

When the procreative systems are working properly, NaProTechnology works cooperatively with them. When these mechanisms are functioning abnormally, NaProTechnology cooperates with the procreative mechanisms in producing a form of treatment which corrects the condition, maintains the human ecology and sustains the procreative potential.

The FertilityCare System is based upon the standardized and objective monitoring of normal and naturally occurring biological signs. This series of biological markers (biomarkers) reveals the presence or absence of certain types of reproductive and gynecologic abnormalities. They give the physician and the patient a “handle” on the menstrual cycle to allow for its proper evaluation and, if necessary, its treatment. It does this in a way which is cooperative with the cycle.

NaProTechnology allows for the accurate monitoring of a woman’s reproductive and gynecologic health. It can be used in many different situations, including the following:

  • infertility, including male fertility difficulties
  • miscarriages
  • premenstrual syndrome
  • irregular bleeding
  • chronic cervical discharges

Example of chart patterns found from CrMS charts

With the introduction of the new reproductive science of NaProTechnology, women and their physicians are taking a whole new look at education in the natural procreative system as they are able to incorporate it completely and thoroughly into their medical evaluation and treatment. This system has become the foundation for evaluating, treating and protecting a woman’s health.

NaproTechnology can help couples diagnose and treat various fertility issues, please share with us your current situation by filling up this form and FertilityCare will follow up with you