Friends of FertilityCare Singapore


In the course of our work at FertilityCare, we have come across many other services which are at the forefront of helping women, husbands and wives, families and children in the endeavour to have a happy and healthy family life. FertilityCare would like highlight a few of these services as friends of FertilityCare. Special Note: Some may even offer you a special rate if you let them know you found them from FertilityCare.


  • Fertility Coaching is specialized in coaching and counseling individuals and couples on their fertility journey – from pre-conception, during early pregnancy, with birth preparation from the 20th pregnancy week onwards and post-natal support. Whether couples are trying to conceive naturally or via fertility treatment, whether they are planning to conceive in the nearby future or have been trying for some time, whether they have an explained fertility challenge or an unexplained fertility issue – we offer time, knowledge, a range of creative self-help tools and beyond for their fertility journey. Our coaching aims to empower our clients to make informed choices.


  • PS Love We believe in saving ladies one period at a time. Thats is why we strive to make “that time of the month” easier for you to go through. Our very own branded product – MenstruHeat is the first 100{06819a4ad35e805f77474745c2abdc779f252a0bd8b1caeb3b3a9907f5370776} instant heat remedy to help relief menstrual cramps and backaches. It does not contain medication and hence will not present any side effects upon use. Beside its long lasting heat (up to 12 hours), it is portable and super convenient to use even at work. Now retailing locally and beyond. pslove-logopacks smaller
  • The Birth Shop provides Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding Support, Certified Postpartum Doula services.


  • Joyful 3D/4D Baby Ultrasound Studio provides Colour pictures (3D)  and Videos (4D) of babies between 12 weeks to 30 weeks and does not require a full bladder. You are welcome to take screen shots  with your mobile phone while the scanning is being done and the service will include a DVD of the images. Check out their sample video.