What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is the resulting condition when endometrial tissue is found in locations other than the lining of the uterus.  These locations can occur typically in the pelvic area, on the ovaries, bowel, rectum, bladder and the lining of the pelvis, all outside the uterus.  The implants can also occur in a variety of other locations too, including the lung, renal system, the diaphragm, the skin and the liver.

It is known to affect an estimated 176 million women worldwide.  The symptoms associated with endometriosis are:

  • dysmenorrhoea (menstrual cramps)
  • pelvic pain, dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
  • infertility
  • heavy or irregular bleeding
  • nausea at the time of menses
  • diarrhoea and/or painful bowel movements
  • dizziness
  • headaches with menses,
  • fatigue, low-grade fever
  • low resistance to infection.

The information obtained from a clinical history, physical examination and other non surgical attempts to diagnose endometriosis often fail to achieve a correct diagnosis.  Endometriosis is a surgical disease. Medical treatment may offer temporary relief of pain and symptoms, however there is no medical regime that can be used successfully in the treatment of endometriosis-associated infertility.  The inflammatory toxins released by the endometrial lesions affect fertility. In order to improve fertility and improve the chances of having a pregnancy, the endometriosis must be removed.Laparoscopy is the “gold standard” for diagnosis of the condition.  At the time of the laparoscopy, histological assessment confirms the diagnosis.  Diagnostic laparoscopy requires a “near-contact” technique which is explained in medical detail in “The Medical & Surgical Practice of NaProTECHNOLOGY” text book written by Dr Thomas Hilgers, see link  http://www.naprotechnology.com/naprotext.htm.

It is also explained in the book for all readers, by Dr Hilgers: “The NaProTechnology Revolution”, more information can be found at this link http://www.unleashingthepower.info/.

The surgeon performing the laparoscopy should have a thorough understanding of endometriosis and the appropriate skills to perform the procedure successfully.

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