Bobby and Christine


An Impossible to Possible Fertility Journey with FertilityCare realises the dreams of a couple to have a baby

Christine and Bobby share their fertility journey to give hope to other couples who are considering a natural approach to overcoming fertility issues.

Married for 10 years and trying for a baby

At the time when Christine and Bobby came to FertilityCare Centre, they had been married for 10 years. They had tried just about everything and were almost on the verge of giving up when Christine’s mother in law chanced upon a newspaper article describing one of FertilityCare’s couple journey. Together, they decided to give to give it one last shot.

Having been through 2 IUIs and 6 IVF cycles with no less than 5 doctors at both private and public hospitals, one can imagine how much of an emotional roller coaster Christine and Bobby had gone through. Worst still, Christine had gained over 20 kg over the course of the medical treatments.

Christine recalled at one of the sessions with a Fertility Specialist at a private clinic, she was told she would “never get pregnant” due to her PCOS and weight issues. She left the clinic feeling very discouraged and her husband who was with her was devastated with the doctor’s assessment.

Starting their Natural Fertility Journey

Despite the bleak situation, Christine and Bobby made their way to FertilityCare office at Thomson V Two one afternoon. With the background of having gone through so much Fertility treatments, coming to the FertilityCare office was an unexpected change. The centre was a very simple space with materials given to them to chart Christine’s menstrual cycle. Andy the FertilityCare Practitioner sent them to Dr John Hui, who was trained in natural fertility investigation and treatment methods. At Dr John’s clinic, they learned more about the program and made the decision to embark on this new journey of natural fertility treatments.

In the following months, Christine and Bobby took up the FertilityCare program diligently and Christine charted her observations daily. At the follow up sessions, she learned to understand her cycle better together with the chart patterns which indicated what her underlying fertility issues could be.

Discovering underlying fertility issues and treating them

After 2 cycles of charting the Creighton Model, the couple went to Dr John for a medical review and was prescribed blood tests to check her hormone levels. From the test results, she was able to confirm that she had a hormonal deficiency and needed HCG injections to help supplement her hormones. She went through 3 cycles of HCG injections before starting to try for a pregnancy.
On the 4th month onwards, Christine and Bobby started trying for a baby and Christine was pregnant shortly after. They were both surprised that it happened so soon. Throughout the pregnancy, Christine continued to take progesterone injections to help to sustain the pregnancy and ensure the best outcome. The baby’s due date was to be 8 Oct 2016.

Close up of a cute pregnant belly

Fertility Journey concludes with a happy ending

On 28 Sept 2016, Christine opted for a c-section and baby Renee was born at a healthy 4.3 kg and had minimal jaundice. Together with her husband, they were overjoyed that their dreams for having a baby had finally come true.

Young family

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Note: Names of couple has been changed on request of the couple.