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Waiting for a baby for 13 years, couple finally get their wishes fulfilled

(Translated from Shin Min Daily Paper dated 6th July 2014, see Chinese version)

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After experiencing two miscarriages, Zhu Yu Yang (on the left) has successfully given birth to her daughter at the age of 37. (经历两次流产后,杨竹玉(左)在37岁那年,顺利生下女儿。) / Photograph Credits: Lin Cheng Yuan

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This couple has waited 13 years for their daughter’s arrival. 39 year old Yang Zhu Yu (Ms Gwen) said when she got married at 24 years old, her husband was 3 years older than her. Similar to many young couples, they did not plan to have a child right away. Instead, they decided to concentrate on their careers in the early days of their marriage.

4 years after their marriage, Zhu Yu found that she had fibroids and cysts which she had them removed through surgery. In the meantime, she was also diagnosed with endometriosis, and found that her uterus was retroverted. Her Gynecologist says that it was not easy for her to get pregnant with this condition.

We thought we were young thus did not care so much and even thought that the problem will just go away itself said Zhu Yu.

In 2007, this couple traveled to Japan for holidays and planned at that time to try baby aggressively. After two years of trying, Zhu Yu was finally pregnant in 2009.

Even though Zhu Yu had encountered some minor bleeding situations and she was prescribed by her gynecologist to take some oral progesterone pills , they happily awaited the baby’s arrival.

Out of the blue, during the Lunar New Year period, she went to a doctor because she felt uncomfortable and devastatingly found that the seven weeks old baby had lost its heartbeat and was gone forever.

Miscarriage Causes Depression, Husband’s Support

The miscarriage haunted her for half a year where she couldn’t let go and was constantly depressed, emotional and stayed at home.

Luckily, her husband was there for her and constantly encouraged her. They went to marriage workshops to build and foster their relationship, she got out of depression eventually.

In 2010, she got pregnant again and unfortunately, she faced miscarriage again at seven weeks. She remembered that the date of this miscarriage was close to her husband’s birthday, the couple were devastated again.

Although the gynecologist said that two miscarriages were both because of the baby’s poor health, but we couldn’t stop thinking whether it was because due to her health situation or not said Zhu Yu.

After the second miscarriage, she came across an introduction to Natural Procreation Technology (NaProTechnology) in the Catholic Church’s newspaper which discussed how to increase the chances of pregnancy for infertility couples.

They Finally Believed that they become Parents When Heard Baby’s Crying

Stepping out of the shadows of the miscarriage, they finally had the baby through natural conception with the help of NaproTechnology.

Zhu Yu reminisce ”Initially, I thought it was a low technology method. After further understanding, it gave us new hope when we were feeling desperate and strengthened our relationship. ”

They went to the only natural procreation technology provider in Singapore, FertilityCare Singapore to learn from Wei You Ming (Mr Andy Wee), a fertility professional who had trained in Australia, about how to observe the change of mucus and to make a chart.

This gave them the idea on when was the best time to try for a pregnancy, and when to conduct tests such as blood tests that checks her hormone levels.

During this period, they also asked Xu Jian Ping (Dr John Hui), her family doctor who advocates natural procreation technology, to do an investigation which resulted in her finding out that she had the luteal phase defect, this causes the insufficiency of progesterone during pregnancy and causes the baby to be unable to grow and develop properly.

As she continued to further treatment, Zhu Yu was pregnant again in April 2011. The couple were both happy and worried. Under Doctor Xu’s suggestion, Zhu Yu had to inject progesterone hormonal supplement for 3 months and had to rest in bed every day to avoid any risk to the baby’s development. She started to buy maternity cloths only after six months’ of pregnancy.

Gwen Pregnant

We were ecstatic when we heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time, but my husband and I were also a little afraid.

On January, 2012, she successfully gave birth to their daughter Liao Li En.

When we heard Li En’s cry at the delivery room, we were finally convinced that we had become parents. (在产房,听到小丽嗯的哭声时,我们才敢相信自己终于当上父母。)

Aaron Gwen Elisa At Birth
Little Li En was crying loudly when she was born, but it gave this couple enormous happiness. (小丽恩出世时的哇哇大哭,却带给夫妻俩无限喜悦。)

Natural Procreation Technology Assists In Conception

FertilityCare Practitioner Wei You Ming (Mr Andy Wee)

In the past 6 years, 50% to 60% of 110 local couples who participated in the FertilityCare programme were successfully pregnant and have gave birth.

Wei You Ming says this method uses the record of the changes of cervical mucus to help women understand the days when they have best chance for conception to achieve the purposes of achieving or postponing pregnancy.

It can also assist in finding the factors that cause infertility (such as gynaecological problems, risk of miscarriage, etc), and then treat these symptoms or improve health to increase the chances of pregnancy and a successful birth.

He says, there are only three types of people who are not suited for this method: Woman in menopause, men with zero sperm count and woman who has double fallopian tube blockage.

He said usually couples need to stay on this method for at least one year, and to receive treatment based on their individual conditions, the average expenses is between S$1,000 to S$2,000 for the course of treatment.

FertilityCare can help couples to understand the best days to conceive and also surface any underlying fertility issues in as little as 2 months, please share with us your current situation by filling up this form and FertilityCare will follow up with you