Chun Heng and Pei Eng

A Fertility Journey powered by FertilityCare and NaproTechnology


We got married in 2011. Despite trying for one year, we were unable to conceive, so in 2012, we started looking for help. When we finally became parents with FertilityCare’s help, we were so stunned that we took a while to get used to the idea!

Our two attempts

Our first gynecologist was recommended by a friend. A scan showed that Pei Eng had a thin uterus wall and her eggs were small. The gynecologist said that it would be hard for Pei Eng to get pregnant, gave her some clomide and advised us to continue trying. On her next visit, the gynecologist was overseas. The nurse at the clinic told Pei Eng to continue trying and taking clomide. We felt very uncomfortable with this.

We got to know our second gynecologist through Pei Eng’s sister-in-law, who was expecting after trying for 10 years. He assisted Pei Eng in monitoring her ovulation cycle for 2 – 3 months but she still couldn’t conceive.

We were determined to have a child and actually considered IUI (intrauterine insemination) as a last resort. Thankfully, we got to know Dr. John Hui through Pei Eng’s sister-in-law.

Comprehensive solution

We felt comfortable with Dr. Hui as we were not pushed to accept treatments. Instead, he presented us our options, informing us of the pros and cons of each. Dr. Hui found that Chun Heng’s sperm quality was low, and prescribed some supplements for him. He also referred Pei Eng to Andy of FertilityCare to learn to chart her cycle using the Creighton Model System.

When she first started charting, Pei Eng found it hard to record her observations. But after just 2 – 3 months, she was familiar with it and charting became easy.

We liked FertilityCare’s approach. It uses a natural method that puts the family at the centre of the entire process and helped both of us to work as a team.

Two cycles of charting and the post peak Progresterone and Estradiol test revealed that Pei Eng had luteal phase defect (her progesterone was low in the later part of her cycle). In addition to supplements, Dr. Hui prescribed pills to support Pei Eng’s progesterone levels, and gave her hCG for three cycles before trying.


We were overjoyed when Pei Eng got pregnant after just two cycles.

To support the pregnancy with enough progesterone through the inital period, Dr. Hui gave Pei Eng progesterone jabs immediately. He also closely monitored her blood every two weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy.


We finally became parents when we welcomed ­­­­­­baby Michael on 28 October 2014 via C-section. Our baby is now seven months old!

This FertilityCare and NaproTechnology fertility journey was published on 30th Jun 2015.

Thanks and appreciation to Chun Heng and Pei Eng for generously sharing their fertility journey.

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