History of FertilityCare in Australasia and in Singapore

  • The Perth FertilityCare centre is a first for Australia, opening in 2002.
  • FertilityCare Services arrives in Singapore through Hui Clinic + Surgery in 2006.
  • FertilityCare Services arrives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Oct 2007

FertilityCare and NaProTechnology programmes are gathering international interest in both medical and family planning circles.

There are numerous FertilityCare centres throughout the United States, and multiple Education Programs are run each year at various locations around the US to train new FertilityCare Practitioners and Medical Consultants.

The FertilityCare Centres of Europe (FCCE) celebrate 10 years of NaProTechnology and FertilityCare in Ireland with 500 out of the 800 Irish children who were conceived with this new approach. Professor Tom Hilgers and Dr. Phil Boyle explain how NaPro works. FCCE are a registered charity based in Ireland

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